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Dashen Bank Overview

Dashen Bank was established in 1995 and is named after Mount Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia. It is one of the largest banks in the country with 117 branches and 130 ATMs. It offers both domestic and international banking services. The range of products it has available includes current acc... read more

Dashen Bank Discussion

  • Q: Which bank or micro finance pays the highest interest rate for fixed deposits

    Reply Anteneh from Ethiopia
  • Q: what is brief history of dashen bank?

    Reply abi from Semera, Ethiopia
  • Q: back ground of the organization of dashen bank?

    Reply abi from Semera, Ethiopia
  • Q: please I want to now about your bank back ground. And ATM service status, green card and golden card services and their objectives. thanks!

    Reply Tura negasa from Nazret, Ethiopia
  • Q: I want give power of attorney to my sister what do I have to do?

    Reply Eshetu from Canada
  • Q: I need information about corporate social responsibility .Thank you

    Reply estifanos from Nazret, Ethiopia